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Straight Rental or Becoming a Homeowner

We have beautiful homes in desirable areas available for both straight rental and. some of the homes may also be available with some Seller Financing (if you are interested in owning the home but need some time to do so). Click the "For Rent" link to the left to see the homes that are available for lease.  The same home may also be available with some Seller Financing (click "For Sale" link to the left to see these homes).

Want to be notified each time we have a new property become available?  Then fill out a quick survey so we know what you are looking for and we will get you added to either our Buyer's List  or our Renter's List (if you are looking to strictly rent instead of buying a property).

The American Dream, Owning your own home, with NO Banks or Credit!

If you are interested in purchasing a home but haven't been able to because you are self employed, have changed your job or career recently, don't have a large enough down payment, have declared bankruptcy, or have a few dings in your credit, Keynote Property can help!  We can offer alternative methods to purchase a home and may be able to provide financing for you.  The most important thing for us is that you can afford the monthly payment and you can pay your bills.  If that describes you, you can soon own the home of your dreams!

Or if you are simply looking for a nice place to rent for a time period, we have beautiful homes in many very desirable areas around Great Cincinnati (but only in Ohio).

Who else has Keynote Property helped?

Keynote Property has been able to help many other people who had just about given up hope of ever being able to realize the American dream, the dream of owning their own home!  Please take a moment and read some of their testimonials about 4NoBank that shows we can do exactly that...

Benefits of Buying a home from Keynote Property?

I can buy a home from anyone.  What makes Keynote Property so special?  What are the Benefits to me as a buyer?

I found a home that I may be interested in purchasing!

Great!  To see how the Process works and to get started,  click on  "How to See a Property" .  Also, please read the sections below so we can help qualify you for the property which interests you as soon as possible!

Can you send me more information?

Yes. We can send you a copy of our free special report that explains how our Rent-to-Own (i.e. Lease/Option) program and other special finance programs work to help get you in the home you want.

I am interested in purchasing a property for my personal residence.

Whether you've already selected one of our homes or would like to be on our "1st one to be called" list to check out new properties as we get them, please complete our Buyers information survey. Once we have your information, we will be able to qualify you for one of our homes now or in the future ASAP.

I am interested in purchasing a property for an investment.

We can help!  To be added to our "investor buyer's list", please complete our Buyer's List survey.  This will let us contact you quickly when we locate a property that matches your criteria for review.



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